Work Parties

During the year, there are work parties, whose aim is to restore the balance of heathland habitats.

We always welcome volunteers, and its always fun - even in the rain!
Here are some photos of the volunteers.

Bring hardwearing clothes, according to the weather, and a snack for the break.
Gloves, tools and eye protectors will be provided if needed.
When the work is near any tree felling, hard hats will be provided.

For further information ring 07842 110051, or contact us.

Tuesday Groups work 2pm - 4pm and meet in the Car Park.

If you wish to start in a month between March and September, it is best to ring the warden on the number above to make sure that a work party is being held that week.

During the winter months, two weekend work parties are held each month.

Winter Work Parties
Saturdays are from 1pm - 4pm
Sundays are from 9.30am - 12.30pm

Month Saturday Sunday
October 14 8
November 11 5
December 16 10
January 27 21
February 3 25
March 3


Some of the work that the volunteer groups ( Weekends, Tuesday and 'independant' volunteers) have done.

The Race-around the Pond expansion.

Some of the volunteers worked on the Stream Restoration Project that helped open up the existing stream.

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